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May 23, 2006

Where The Helluv-I Been?

Mostly Georgia, more and more Tennessee, and just a dash of Vegas.

The latter was a biz convention. Sorta optional. So I wasn't going to go, as my schedule was already bursting with more mundane tasks, but I made the sacrifice for my fellow blogger. Must-have research for our '07 coordinator. Right? Sounds good.

My sacrifice included a sweet suite (on them), and fat-free chips distributed in these little velvet bags upon registration. (Enough to keep me at the roulette table for 3+ hours.)

Still, the timing sucked, so I had to rush the trip, but I made time to scope the - by my standards - unblogmeetified land, and give the nice folks a 12 month head up that the bloggas is coming. (These peeps being demure by comparison, they might want to reconsider that whole comping drinks on the casino floor thing.)

Since my return, I have been frantically trying to wind up the paperwork end of the state straddling career jump/leap of faith, so that I can move on to more pressing issues, like ya know, blogging and beaching.

Typically, that would suffice as a conclusion in my post-it handbook, but before I jump state again, I offer advice of utmost import: Do NOT, I beg you, take your cell phone to a few blogmeets, loan your cell phone to your cleavage-chasing brother, take your cell phone to Vegas, then come back to town, realize razors are on sale, upgrade, and then do the logical thing: give old cell phone to daughter.

Don't do that. (Or if you do... Clean out the picture cache first.)

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