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August 23, 2006

School Preparation

When I bitched wrote about dress codes/uniforms/being forced to iron khakis, many of you suggested that it may be time for Priss to learn how to do her own laundering.

I have been working towards such a beautiful goal for...well, years.

I blame the frequent setbacks. For example, here's typical convo:

Me: Hon, that isn't the shirt you had on a minute ago. Where'd the other one go?

Miss Priss: Decided not to wear it.

Me: Okay, well, did you hang it back up?

MP: Yeah.

Me: [incredulous] Uh-huh. Did you really hang it back up?

MP: Yeah, Mom...I did! It's in the laundry room.

It would be too much to hope that the shirt had managed to get itself hung up AND transported to the Priss closet. No, I was prepared to be impressed if it had actually found its way back to the hanger.

Ah, and it had. But I still think this counts as a setback:


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August 22, 2006


Okay, so it wasn't exactly a mini-meet. It was me, going across town to visit the Blightess and her new bundle. If only the Zonkman had skipped work to hang out with the kool kids, a meet it woulda made.

Regardless, Mini-Blight, though he slept the whole time, is a blessed little feller for giving us an excuse to sit about on a Tuesday afternoon and have us a nice chat.

Mother and infant are doing well, they are both beautiful, and I have the evidence:


...and angel

I am a wicked-awesome cell phone photographer, non?

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August 17, 2006

A Jawja Blogger Breeds

We have another in our midst!

Congrats to the Suburban Blightess and her family on the birth of a strapping young lad. He is graced with the same linebacker stats as was a young Key Monroe: 8 lb, 13 oz, 22 in. That's right. Nobody in the nursery messes with those numbas. Below is an exclusive first day pic, that you will only see here:


(Would be more fitting for say a Yabu baby, perhaps, but I work with what I have. Pic to - hopefully - be replaced by the real deal tomorrow.)

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