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July 30, 2006

Bad Kitty

She looks cute doesn't she?

Uh-huh. Oh, she is. And she knows it. Walks with her tail in the air. Always. Lets us hold her...sometimes. But we let her get away with it. However, we did have to spank her pretty behind when she began pissing places other than her designated box in the basement. Her punishment was being confined to the basement for one hour. And this is the look of indignation we received shortly after her release:

It was that very night - Friday - that she became (figuratively) pissed and ran away from home. No joke. I opened the door long enough to lock up the car, and she was gone. Priss and I called, and called, and called for two days. No kitty. So this am around 8, I went out onto the porch to try again. There she sat, in the corner, looking both afraid and humbled.... and quite disheveled. After all, the long haired princess hadn't been out of doors in 5 years. So we brought her in, made sure that she had plenty to eat and drink and combed the burs out of her underfur. She is still acting kind of pitiful, but I think she's okay:

Thank gawd she returned. Priss was beginning to believe that she was a curse to all animal life. Hopefully all balance is restored. Currently, the big, furry princess is pouting in the basement, Priss is busy shredding a month's worth of credit card offers for me, and I am preparing the supplies for her first day of school....which is tomorrow. July 31. (Which is just wrong, btw, but that is another post...)

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July 29, 2006

As Promised

And only a month late... Not bad for me! A bit pixelated, but best I could do to keep the file size down, given I am still using Priss's machine, and I still don't have my beloved pic-formatting software.

This would make a great seven dwarfs go men in black theme, but we got too tall on the end messing up the height pre-req, and we got numba seven awol, disinterested... steps away on the air conditioned side of the hotel room, getting some lap action from a Southern belle. (Oh yeah, got that pic too. That's for later, though.)

Here's the suits:



Aren't they lovely? I must admit, I was enjoying the scenery. Not the brightest of occasions, but nice to see that the little devils can be handsome when they want to be. Of course they did bitch and moan during the photo shoot; couldn't wait to get their bum asses into their street clothes. (As evidenced Exhibit V, above left.) But it was nice while it lasted.

footnote: If you are not in this picture - Cat! - it is not because you were underdressed. It is because you weren't in the frikkin parking lot when I dared to pull out the camera! I wasn't my typical shutterbug self, but if only I could share a mental image or two...

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July 28, 2006

Quality Control

I am having trouble writing these days.

I am still online every day. And I still love most of you peeps.

But I've been reading through my archives quite a bit since Acidhead abandoned us... You know, so I could love and hate him all over again.

And many times I laughed out loud. He could be such an ass.

In one particular instance, after he left a "pulling pigtail" comment, I left one underneath, saying that "Sesame Street just wouldn't be the same without Oscar the Grouch."

Even at five years of age, I wanted to fix that damned Grouch. After all, I could see through him. I knew he had a good heart. (And living in a bottomless trash can...? Wow, the intrigue! I wanted a tour.)

Anyway, we still have plenty of charming, lovable and nerve-grating characters left here, of course, and as I perused the archives, I ran across many of your comments as well, and laughed to myself. It's good to have you guys.

Too bad I'm not much of a producer these days.

See, I have digressed, but my original point is this:

As I reviewed the archives, I ran into many damned good posts that I had written, posts that I am proud of, and don't mind revisiting.

Unfortunately, I ran into many more that just. plain. sucked. Cringe-skim-over-don't even check the comments, sucked. Embarrassingly sucked.

This is not news. I have known this for a while, which is why I decided that I would no longer publish the suck ones! Brilliant quality control, non? Right, I will only publish the fantastic ones, enviable prose, profound wit, entertaining banter, all of these qualities present to make the cut.

Problem? Since making this resolution, I haven't had a whole helluva lot to say. Heh.

I just don't think quality control can happen on the front end. And so, shit must be written. And I knew this maybe, heard it definitely, throw the shit til something sticks, right? This from the Blogfadda among other peeps.

I got tired of doing that, thought I'd try a different method. You know, less content, more quality. Well, that failed. I mainly accomplished less content, less content. My page became a stranger to me, and I simply did not feel comfortable in it.

Apparently there is no way around it. Meaning, I am basically running a disclaimer here, to prepare you guys for some shitty posts. Don't say I didn't warn you.

I'll start with some pics of some bloggers*.

[*Just as soon as I beat my computer into submission on that Photoshop download. Good thing I know a techgod.]

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