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June 06, 2005

Episode III, PG 13

So I promised Miss Priss a movie Friday night, and I - having been culturally deprived growing up - usually attempt to infuse a little culture into the child when the opportunity arises.

Meaning...it was time. She should be introduced to STAR WARS! Besides, I wanted to see it.

Prob? PG 13. Wtf? Normally, I wouldn't give the rating a second thought, but this time my baby was coming with. (Yes, I know she is nine. But recall the litany, "she will always be my baby.")

I was thinking spilt blood (since I knew Vader was to be mutilated), a copulation scene (since I knew twins were to be gestated), the worst...

Soooo, on the way into town, I fired off a text to a handful of geeks cultural elitists (with children) whose numbers I have stored in my phone. Well, either I misjudged them, or texting isn't "geek cool," because only ONE actually replied to the text prior to movie start time, and that was to say, "What do I look like, a geek? Haven't seen it yet."

Fine. Over myself I got, made my own call I did. Then I bought the child a ticket.

And so. This is my public service announcement to anyone else who wonders about the rating...

No worries, tis fine. There is a birth scene, but no copulating. Lots of people die, but no blood and guts (although Vader did get really yucked up, as expected).

I'm giving the okay for kiddies eight and up. (Of course, if you have a five year old boy who likes to set frogs on fire, I'm betting he can get through it without any major nightmares.)

Oh...enjoyment factor? We've been through the trilogy TWICE in as many days. I'd say she's geekified culturally edified!

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November 30, 2004

What Smells Like Old Lady?


That is only the question that my husband has asked me 15 times today.

"Do you have on a different cologne?" he demanded.

"No," I answer, "No cologne, no lotions, but I did bathe this morning."

He picked up the Victoria Secret catalogue that I was thumbing through, and gave it a good whiff, as to find to find the source of the offending aroma.

"Look, if you want to borrow my catalogue, just say so." (Of course I smirked when I said that.)

"No, not this," he said putting it down, only after indulging in a few ooohs and aaaahs over the sequin laden lingerie.

"Smell my hair."


"Smell my hair," I instructed, "I used a different shampoo and conditioner this morning." (...which is almost always the case, as I have a few dozen in the shower.)

He obliged. "OHHH YEAH! That's it? What is that, it's awful!"

He has since given my desk - yes, we work together - a wide berth every time he's cut across the office.

So, what did I use? Dove shampoo. Dove conditioner. Didn't even mix and match today!

I think I look and smell radiant, personally. But there you have it, one man's cosmetic critique of the day.

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