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October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween!


witch punkin.jpg

-from Key and Priss

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So... It can't be a good thing to wake up on Halloween day looking like a vampire took a bite out of ya:


Could be pimples, of course. (Or I could start craving blood a little later.)

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October 26, 2006

Losing. My. Mind.

No really...

Yes, there is a lot going on. Yes, I am on a medicated hormone roller coaster to boot. No, I do not eat my leafy greens either.

Still, there is no excuse for this.

Today, as I was leaving the house, I naturally gathered the crucial leaving-the-house-items. I set them down though, on the counter, so as to prepare the most crucial item of all: the to-go mug of coffee. That done and in hand, I reached for the other two crucial items.

However, there were three items on the counter: my keys, a pair of scissors, and my cell phone.

I needed two of the three. Sesame Street stuff, right? Which two items belong? Which two do I need? (Or was that the Electric Company?)

Anyway, the first time I went out the door, I looked down, and was shocked to see myself holding my keys and a pair of scissors. Well, I got one right.

Take two.

The second time I checked prior to walking out the door. Thankfully. This time, I looked down, and was shocked to see that although I had set two items down, and picked two items up, I still had a problem. Yep, I almost locked myself out of the house holding my cell phone and the very same pair of scissors.

Third time's a charm?

The third time, I slowly picked up my keys, and then my cell phone, slowly, lest those damned scissors chase me to the door again!

I really shouldn't admit things like this, but I figure it may be prudent to publish fair warning. You know, so if I don't post in say...a month, you guys can check the places with the padded walls.

(On a positive note - sigh of relief - Priss and I have managed to keep our new baby puppy alive for well over a week. She has stolen our hearts and our flip-flops.)

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October 18, 2006

Fingers Crossed

We are trying the puppy thing again.

As my readers may recall (all twelve of you), I relented to the begging of Miss Priss back in July, and we brought home an adorable Yorkie-poo. He was adorable, yes, but the runt of the litter no doubt. He was guinea-piggish in size, and unfortunately, due to having an undersized liver, the little guy didn't make it.

We were pitiful. But because the problem had been genetic, our breeder, full of that stereotypical Southern warmth -stranger to none, grandmother to all, seriously, a post within herself, Martha Stewart, only with Southern charm and a smile - well, she offered us pick of the next litter.

So...The past few months I have sweated this day. I mean, WHAT IF THE NEXT ONE DIES???!!! I just don't think Priss could take it again.

But the day has come. And our girl, Princess P, as we affectionately call our new little lady...Well, she is simply too cute for words, even if you are (like me) one of those crazy cat people.


I gotta say, Priss and I have fought over the privilege of holding the furball, and if her appetite and size are any indication, she does seem to be rather hearty. Already twice the size of little Tater, Princess P has devoured her dinner, and is currently tugging at the gown of a very tired Priss, who underestimated the playful staying power of her new addition.

Heh. That's what she gets. (Priss didn't sleep a solid night til she was three.)

Anyhow, wish us luck with this one...

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October 16, 2006

Comfort Food, Part Deux

As if...

As if there is enough comfort food in the WORLD to get me over this weekend's loss.

Our Homecoming game.


Between our friggin hedges. I actually miss the Acidic Dawg-ranting, the stuff our defense deserves right about now...well, the ones that are left.

Nope. No comfort in sight. No party in Georgia. Too bad I couldn't attend the real party last weekend. Well, my heart was with you guys, glad you all survived, and a very happy belated birthday wish to the redheaded step brat. (That bit of affection in lieu of a gift, btw.)

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