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June 14, 2005

I've Been Here in Spirit

I'm still around actually... just puny.

You know how ya know kids are really sick when they make a face and shake their heads no when offered ice cream?

Likewise, you know that Key Monroe is really sick when she doesn't go online for several days in a row! Rather, I lay in bed all weekend cursing the name of the new doc I'd seen Thursday, who sent me home with an antibiotic I'd never tried before.

You know me - Pharmie! New drugs! Yeah, well, just so you know, Omnicef sucks. It befriended the bacteria growing on my tonsils, and enabled it to grow friends.

Soooo, yesterday when I revisited the clinic, and fortunately was assigned my tried and true doc, I had flaming red tonsils with a dozen pus pockets on each... An intriguing sight to behold, but for some reason, I couldn't psyche Shrek up for the viewing.

Anyway, doc sent me home with a ten day course of Biaxin, which we all know will get the job done, even if it does leave a coppery, crushed aspirin taste in one's mouth for the duration of treatment. I'm sick enough not to care.

I have been remiss as I lay wallowing. But I am pleased to see that my tagged newbies have participated in the reindeer games! Thank you to the lovely, overeducated cuz and to the unstable, orange lunatic for obliging.

I shall promptly return to my writing, just as soon as I can justify the further neglect of my biz-related responsibilities.

For your viewing pleasure, I have included a sick pic in the extended entry. Warning: Although this was taken 5 minutes ago, and is not nearly as nasty as it was yesterday (before I had started the Biaxin), it is still not for the faint of heart.

Hey, I warned you...


1. Yes Zonk, I am sick again.
2. Thanks to John, for teaching me something that all should know...how to spell "pus."
3. Thanks to my wonder-tonsil sister, for giving me the mahvelous idea to capture the freakish growths in pixilated format.
4. Thanks to Shrek for getting over himself enough to snap the shot.

posted by Key on 02:16 PM | Comments (11)

Hey - those look familiar...

Hope you are feeling better, dear. Take those meds!

Posted by: Kelley at June 14, 2005 04:15 PM

Echos Kelley in wishing you a quick recovery...(my folks had mine ripped out before reached 7) After looking at the picture...are you sure that isn't just a bunch of sesame seeds??

Hope you get to feeling better soon!

Posted by: Guy S at June 14, 2005 05:19 PM

Damn that's nasty.

Posted by: Anton at June 14, 2005 05:28 PM

Good lord. That looks like something from a Swedish sex manual film. Never knew what they were, not speaking Swedish, but they pulsed in the film. If you ever get those gnarly things cut out I would keep them in a jar of alcohol. For Halloween.

Posted by: Velociman at June 14, 2005 07:07 PM

Gawd, woman, them thangs look horrible! Hope you get to feeling better soon!

Posted by: Michele at June 14, 2005 07:14 PM

Good gawd! Maybe you and Kelley can get a group rate on tonsillectomies.

Posted by: Pammy at June 14, 2005 08:10 PM

Ah, there you are, Sis - yikes, but those don't look too hot.

Glad to see you back online, I was wondering what was going on over there.

Your fellow pharmie bro,

- Joe

Posted by: Average Tobacco Chewing Joe at June 14, 2005 10:05 PM

OUCH!! Feel better!!

Posted by: Dana at June 14, 2005 10:59 PM

Gee...I haven't used this particular comment here in about a week...

"Hope you feel better soon!"

Now, enough already, Key. I think we, your readers, ought to just start sending you drugs until you feel better. I mean *prescription* drugs, of course. Whaddya think I meant?! ;-)

Posted by: zonker at June 15, 2005 10:08 AM

Those are the devil's tonsils. Good god, get those babies ripped out LOL.

Posted by: Chablis at June 15, 2005 05:58 PM

Tonsillectomies, anyone? Just let me brandish my clawed hammer here . . . Sterilize it with a homecooked blow torch made from a hair can, zippo, and some good ol' American Duct Tape. Now, The plan is to hook the sacks with the claw and simply rip them from the back of the throat. The rest that stays attached, we can scrape off with the blunt end and a chisell. Feel beter yet?

Posted by: A Clockwork Orange Happier at June 17, 2005 11:17 PM
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