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May 24, 2004


I was pampered this weekend. I hung out at the spa Saturday afternoon.

I'm not really the day spa type, nor am I into self-pampering, but if I didn't use the gift certificate that my husband bought for me (last Mother's Day) this week, it was going to expire altogether.

My idea of pampering is parking my butt in a beach chair and letting waves roll over my feet ...or being made to sit down while the husband straightens up the kitchen and pours me a glass of wine ...Oh yeah, that would beat the spa certificate, particularly if he threw in a massage.

No such luck, but the half day at the spa wasn't bad. Reluctantly, I am able to see how one might grow to appreciate the ass-kissing royal treatment.

I did have to continually remind myself that I had my husband's blessing as I undressed and waited under warmed sheets for Kenneth, my massage therapist.

His hands were nice, soothing. The lighting was dim, the music...weird little nature sounds. And the air...Mexican. Yeah, that must be what he had for lunch, and yeah, I could have gone without knowing that.

I'm thinking that being a hottie is prerequisite to getting a job in said establishment, because my hostess for the remainder of the day could have been a body double for Lucy Liu. ...but more importantly, she administered a painless manicure. (And it didn't hurt that she was pleasant to talk to.)

So, I survived a day at the spa. It was difficult, but understand, it had to be done.

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Yup! That's weird. I just don't understand the spa treatment, maybe I'm to much of a red neck (unlike your sophisticated self). So, I think I'll pass.

Posted by: tracey at May 25, 2004 12:40 AM

Yes, I know the difference between to and too. I've got to be the world's worst proof wreader.

Posted by: tracey at May 25, 2004 12:42 AM


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