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June 04, 2004


My girls were robbed.

We had our first tournament game Tuesday night. We are a city team, and we were playing a county team.

The first thing the umpire said to me as we took the field was, "You a city team? Yeah, well, this is a county field, and we play by county rules."

Okay fine, dickweed, we'll skunk your ass anyway is what went through my head, but, as I didn't want to contribute to his already blatant bias, I affixed a smile to my face and returned to the dugout.

Luckily they had first bat. Meaning they may get on the board first, but we'd get last bat, and those final points often make the game.

There is a five run limit per team, per inning. Unfortunately, we were only averaging a couple of runs per inning, due to a scoreless third inning on our part. The score was six to seven (them) at the bottom of the third.

I figured we were still in pretty good shape. A game in this league is five innings, and it's only called at the bottom of the fourth if a team is more than six runs behind, meaning that even if they scored their five runs in the fifth, it wouldn't be enough.

So it's top of the fourth...their bat. And, crap. They got their five runs. Now it's 12 to 6, with them having batted 4 times, us 3 times.

No prob. We were at the top of the line-up. We'd get our five, and the score would be 12 to 11 going into the fifth, making that last inning that much more exciting.

Just one problem...the ump called the game.

That's right. Either he had it out for us, or he had his tops and bottoms confused. Either way, with 21 minutes left in the game, at the top of the fourth, we were robbed. My best batter was up, and she was devastated. They didn't get last bat.

The head coach (my husband) tried to protest, but the ump wouldn't hear it.

"It's over. You can't catch up."

Hmm... Let's do some math. Two times left up to bat equals a ten run potential for us, next to their one time left to bat, a five run potential for them...

...I'd say we could have caught up.

There was no supervisor in site, and the other team was packing it up and sneaking out. Yeah, they knew...

The county rec dept. confirmed the next day that the ump was "mistaken," and inquired as to why we didn't take it up with a supervisor. (I thought that was cute.) He said he'd have given us a field, if he had one, so that we could finish the game, but during tournaments it was just too booked.

I knew that already, besides it would have royally screwed up the brackets.

Luckily, the tournament is double elimination, so my girls aren't dead yet, just a bit discouraged.

They were robbed.

posted by Key on 09:42 PM | Comments (6)

Now you know why some people scream "KILL THE UMPIRE" at games and really mean what they say.

Posted by: Acidman at June 4, 2004 11:35 PM

Yeah, I know it all too well. My wife and I coached girl's softball for two years. The best team doesn't always win, but it's fairly obvious to the fans. Don't be discouraged, just keep pluggin' -- it's more important that the girls learn teamwork and self discipline than it is to win (although winning is really nice, especially when you’re the best team).

Posted by: john at June 5, 2004 01:51 AM

Math is exact, except for pi.

I hope your girls kick ass!!!!

And if they don't, you should.

Posted by: Sam at June 5, 2004 03:38 AM

It's a harsh lesson, but one of the most important to learn early: the world is NOT fair, those in authority are NOT always right, and you should choose which battles you fight against unfairness carefully.

People who don't learn this lesson become lifelong victims. As I said, it's a harsh lesson, but here's a chance to teach it for a relatively low emotional cost.

Posted by: Jack at June 5, 2004 05:46 AM

Dear Key:

I'm hoping that in all these 'life lessons' they've learned from the game they realise that even in the adult world, there are the mean-spirited and downright evil ones. Hard lesson to learn when the game is about sportsmanship.



Posted by: Will at June 6, 2004 05:12 PM

I coached girls softball for six years. My team finished second three times and first three times and the girls had fun. I wasn't one of those win at all costs coaches. As long as you play the very best that you can, if you don't win, there is nothing to be ashamed of. In my last season we were playing for the league championship and the coach of the other team, who also ran the league, pulled the regular ump and replaced him with his sister-in-law. I'm proud to say that in spite of some horrible calls we still won. After the game, the opposing coach's daughter came over and apologized to my girls for her father and her aunt.

Posted by: Denny at June 7, 2004 08:38 PM
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