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July 04, 2004

Key is a Fool!

for giving me the uh, keys. Perhaps fool is too strong a word. Overly trusting? Yes. Betrayed by her own sense of decency? Yes, yes.

I promise not to trash the Keyhole while here, in contravention of my normal activities when given the password to another's site. In fact, I'm going to prevent any mayhem from Acidman by scooping up all the dainty underthings and securing them where that twisted fiend can't find them. Right. Here. Yes.

This place smells nice. Much nicer than the Velocihovel, which reeks of mansweat, asparagus, and old chicken blood.

So: what do we want to talk about? How about a nice game of Ask Velociman? You can ask me questions pertaining to your most intimate, painful issues, and I can respond!

Trust me: I have a degree in Behavioral Science, and have counseled Very Important People. Nixon? He was going to the mattresses with Tommy guns when I suggested he could have more fun walking the beach at San Clemente in black socks and wingtips. Boris Yeltsin was in a vodka fugue until I suggested he scale a tank whilst performing a primitive version of the Macarena. I gots chops. Just ask me.

Posted by Guest Booger Velociman

posted by Key on 01:58 AM | Comments (3)

She's obviously not dumb enough to give me the keys. Not many people are anymore.

Posted by: Geoffrey at July 4, 2004 04:37 AM

Well, Geoffrey, do you want the keys? I am in control here. Somewhat.

Posted by: Velociman at July 4, 2004 04:40 AM

I DEFINITELY believe that Geoffrey would fit right into this place. But he can't wear the leather outfit with the crotchless panties. That's MINE until Key returns.

Posted by: Acidman at July 4, 2004 08:53 PM
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