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July 09, 2004

No Beach Pics

Fogettaboutet, ukay?

You want to see a swimsuit pic, maybe I'll post one from 2 years ago, when I was religiously attending kick boxing class.

I'm presently pinching too many inches to have any desire to share with the class.

In fact, there are precious few pictures of any adults on the one roll of film that I spent this weekend, and none of me. (The kids are the cuties now, so they were the stars of the show.)

But, if you turkeys behave over the weekend, maybe I'll dig up a few pics (out of my bottomless pit of unalbummed snapshots) to share with Blogworld.

So big Bro, you won the bet this time around. (I'd be careful next time you place bets, though. She's probably just setting you up for a fall...)

posted by Key on 10:29 PM | Comments (5)

There's betting going on and no one let me in on it???

So what do we have to do over the weekend to be graced with your photos? We obviously have no idea how to behave...

Posted by: Jack at July 10, 2004 06:30 AM

Bikini pics wouldn't be any fun anyway unless you were wearing the bikini. Now I'd put a quarter in the jukebox to see that.

Posted by: Michael at July 10, 2004 04:23 PM

Key, no one would know if you photoshopped your head on say....Pam Anderson's body. ;)

Posted by: DeAnna at July 13, 2004 09:50 PM


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