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August 12, 2004

Giving out the URL

For a while, I was known in Blogworld as the "secret URL girl." I just didn't freely give it out.

I've gotten over that (obviously), but I still have a problem with mixing my real and virtual worlds. To me, they're just water and oil; they don't seem to mix well....or perhaps I'm ridiculously private.

A few real life people have been around as I blogged. For example, my husband and an ex-employee may occasionally lurk, but neither have taken an avid interest.

The first real live friend that I allowed into my virtual abode was Young Dave, my occasional artistic contributor. But his clever wit and caustic sarcasm are wasted here because he is actually more private than I am, and although I've tried torturing him, he's not talking. (And I know he's tempted to comment, if nothing else, to make me aware of my grammatical errors...)

Yesterday, yes bad day yesterday, I was caught with my defenses down, and I did it again. I gave it out to another too intelligent and overly educated freak of nature. Literally. John is an alien.

I have proof. Tons of it actually, but the most compelling being that he's 742 years old, yet looks 40, and that he is a published sci-fi writer, who writes so vividly as though he's been there, seen that...because he has. (About the age. Talk to him. Without a microchip, nobody could cram that much information into one brain in forty years time. I figure he's 742 if he's a day.)

So, there you have it. I gave out my URL again.

Somewhere over the years, I believe my personality has undergone a transformation. Fifteen years ago, I gave out my phone number to any relatively good-looking male specimen who would hold still long enough for me to scrawl my number on their arm with eye liner.

(Is my daughter going to be that unbelievably stupid?)

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