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September 08, 2004

It's Gettin' Hot in Here...

Hopefully, we won't all hate each other by the time November rolls around.

While I agree with Jack in theory, tempering passion is not always easy. (To illustrate this point, I'll be unleashing mine momentarily.)

While both sides typically claim that they are only denouncing the most vocal political extremists, these numbers are constantly growing, as each side needs more strength to maintain its ground during this nationwide tug-of-war.

I fear that some are so busy rooting for their team that they've forgotten why they're voting a particular way...all they know is that they HATE the other guy.

Well, personally, I've never met either one. But I have met a few folks who I intensely dislike.

But I can be bought...Like them or not, if they're running for office, and I feel they'll do their job to control government, they'll have my vote. What's hate got to do with it? This is business, people.

I want things that make sense, and I seriously struggle to understand why these things don't make sense to everyone.

They are as follows:
I want to decide how the money that I earn is spent.

Wooo, that's weird. I like to call it "freedom."

I give to people who need it through churches and charities because I CHOOSE to do so, WHEN I choose to do so. Any government monies going to anyone not working should go back into my paycheck. Period. Charity is a choice. If it isn't, we're talking socialism.

I will happily give a portion of my check to law enforcement, and all of the tentacles thereof. That is and should be a primary function of government, and therefore I don't mind paying for it.

As long as we are the most enviable nation, there will be those who hate us for it. If we are soft, we die. Not a thousand of our boys, but tens of thousands of our civilians. To refuse to acknowledge this is to be naive. (Being naive is more fun, I realize this, but it's too expensive. You can't afford it.)

I want to see strength. I don't want a pansy-assed government that's too busy trying to decide whether or not gay people should be allowed to get married.

I don't give a fuck! Civil union, go to the courthouse....Marriage, ask your preacher... (Fat chance, but you can ask.)

Now, can we get back to business? Jeez, it's like trying to make a business call with a room full of kids. (BTW, I use the above as an example, and yes, I do criticize both sides for wasting time on such issues. Pick your battles. Some things aren't worth the time to fight or oppose, not when there are bigger fish to fry.)

Defense, people. I want a government that blows the shit out of anyone who even thinks of making a hostage out of my child.

Not everyone wants to be our friend, and that's fine. But if they don't love us, they damned well better fear us.

And that, friends, is a cause I'm willing to finance.

I'm not voting for a particular man; I'm voting for a particular direction.

posted by Key on 04:28 PM | Comments (2)

Key, the passion you unleashed here is a good, productive passion showing what you want out of government. You are not belittling others, you are showing what you are FOR. That is far better than just calling people "moonbats" and "nutjobs", which is what I am asking people to think twice before doing.

Thank you for showing us what you are FOR, and not adding to the emotions that result in eruptions of violence amoung ourselves when we should be directing violence towards those who are our real enemies.

Posted by: Jack at September 8, 2004 04:58 PM

Thanks, Jack, I appreciate that...Although you know there are times that I'm guilty of releasing my well-leashed temper.

Some of these comments that are made by extremists, with the intention only of being partisan, sometimes SOUND Anti-American... therefore releasing the wrath of many red-blooded Americans.

So, although a united front would be nice, on many issues, I think the anger unstandable.

Posted by: Key at September 8, 2004 05:25 PM
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