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September 13, 2004

Sunday, Bloody Sunday

Okay, maybe that's a bit dramatic, since no blood was shed in my household yesterday.

However, the torment was tangible.

Miss Priss was prepared to make a pest of herself by debating the "black shoes after Labor Day" rule, until she caught a certain look in my eye that warned her, "not today..."

The rest of the household must have observed the same ominous aura surrounding me, as I was given a wide berth and very little lip for the duration of the morning.

But I'm a big girl. I had worked through it by mid-morning, to the relief of my family, who very rarely sees my inner beast. In fact, although from the general population I take very little crap, from those I love, I seem to take it by the shovel full.

So, it's over. It happened. I couldn't stop it.

I am 30.

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Dear Key:

Happy birthday!!!!

I remember my own 'milestone' -- of course, it was twenty years ago in August, but nonetheless, I remember....

I was surprised by dinner from several of my friends in the computer-biz -- they took me to the Space Needle in Seattle. First time I'd had dinner there, and it's always a treat.

Ever get up to Seattle, you must check that one out.

I'll bet even Miss Priss would be impressed. :)



Posted by: Will at September 13, 2004 05:08 PM

Happy Birthday!!

Old enough to know better, but too young to resist.

Posted by: Sam at September 13, 2004 05:30 PM

Happy birthday, you young'un!

Posted by: Jack at September 13, 2004 05:59 PM

Happy B-day! You are only as old as you think you are -- therefore, I am only 21 (I have to be old enough to drink). I wish another 100 years of good times and health!

Posted by: John at September 13, 2004 06:44 PM

... good on ye, Key.. many, many happy returns...

Posted by: Eric at September 13, 2004 11:11 PM

Happy Birthday and many more you've still got a ways to catch me I really don't think you can run that fast. I'm enjoying my age after all your as young as you think. ga.

Posted by: ga at September 13, 2004 11:55 PM

That just means the best is yet to come. I wouldn't give a nickle to go back to my teens. I spent my twenties trying to make a marriage work. I finally turned my life around when I turned 30. 40 was a great birthday. And now I'm halfway towards 50, I like myself, and my life even better.

Give yourself a big hug from me, and enjoy the hell out of every day of this year!

Posted by: Omnibus Driver at September 14, 2004 12:08 AM

Happy birthday Key! From one woman who has been there, 30 isn't anything to get upset over. I'm not staring down the barrel of 40 yet, but I'm coming up on the plateau of 35 and can safely say that the next 10 years will be the best you ever have in your life. Everything still works and works well...you're not quite as naive as you were in your 20's...and you can spend this time creating memories that you'll fondly recall in your old age!

Posted by: Chablis at September 14, 2004 12:16 AM

I wish you a very Happy Birthday! I'm old enough to be your father, and like I told my daughter, it's all downhill after 13 -- LOL. All the best my friend, you have many good years ahead -- you're only a old as you feel.

Posted by: john at September 14, 2004 01:14 AM

Happy Birthday! As far as turning 30 goes... Do what I've done for 3 years thus far... Celebrate your 29th BDay from here on out ;)

Posted by: Chelle at September 14, 2004 01:24 AM

Hell, I have fillings that are 30. Happy Birthday!

Posted by: Jim - PRS at September 14, 2004 01:53 AM

Hey, ya Old Bag!

It only goes uphill from here. Really. :-) Have a Happy One!


Posted by: Juliette at September 14, 2004 01:54 AM

Don't think of it as being a year older. Think of it as just being a day older than you were yesterday. That's the secret of youth. I should know. Ijust turned 40 (going by years) + can still look like I'm 28! >:-) Of course, it could be genetic.

Posted by: MACK at September 14, 2004 04:25 AM

Thanks folks.

I can't tell you enough how much I appreciate the positive vibes.

You know BEING 30 is really no big deal. LOOKING it...that's a problem!

(I know, I can be such a girl sometimes. Disgusting, isn't it?)

Posted by: Key at September 14, 2004 04:22 PM

I have found that most women look there best between 30 and 40. Something about that sexy, self reliant, I know what I want and I will get it look. You will always be a major babe, no matter what the age. Some women are just like that.

Posted by: James Old Guy at September 14, 2004 05:21 PM


Happy Birthday!

I have made a traditon since before my 30th to ah, get some on my birthday. It's a good tradition. You should consider it. (not with me, shit, I'm only good for once a year now anyway ;-)


Posted by: Jesse at September 14, 2004 09:52 PM

Best wishes, Key---you'll kick "30" in the ass just like you've done with all other challenges!

Posted by: david at September 20, 2004 04:42 AM
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