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November 06, 2004

If Ya Want Somethin' Done "Right"...

So I went back there today; I knew you people weren't going to go over there and defend my ass in my absence! That's okay, I understand. It's scary.

So, I've brought one of the samples over for you. I went back and forth with several people, and finally, Tess decided to launch an interrogation. Here are the Q and A's:

Q: You don't want the millitary spending cut even if it produces waste.

A: No cuts. You don't cut your security budget when there's a murderer loose in your neighborhood. However, misallocations could be better spent. Our boys and their families could use more money for one thing. They work for a living, and they defend our freedom. I'd say they've earned it.

Q: You want a general cut in spending because big gov't produces waste.

A: Yes. Privatization would be more efficient. I don't see it happening even with my guy in office, but further damage will be minimized.

Q: You want adults to stop getting social services because they become lazy and slothful because they're getting a free meal.

A: YES! Exactly. This type of aid should be short-term and on an emergency basis while employment or further education is sought, otherwise the dependence goes on indefinitely and the taxpayer burden is passed on from one generation to the next. The government turns a blind eye because it is easier to pay them off than to help them succeed.

Q: But you advocate that children should get help because they are innocents.

A: Absolutely. They can't help it that their parents are slack and have been neglecting them since the day they were born. They deserve an opportunity to be more than that. When they become productive members of society, the chain is broken.

Q: So the only solution I can see from that arrangement is to hand out contraceptives and birth control to adults instead of social services so they don't produce innocent children that will be abused until they're taken away from their parents.

A: Hey, that sounds good. Unfortunately, county health clinics are already doing that, yet the problem persists. Some people choose to be irresponsible. They don't want help. They want a free ride, and they don't want to contribute anything.

See...You think you're being politically correct by supporting this downward spiral. Well, that's great, but it never fixed anything. Sometimes those of us with the "tough love" attitude actually care the most.

We want improvement, not tolerance.

As I postscript, I will admit that I may have put myself out there with that last line, as it could easily be taken out of context.

However, within context, I stand by it.

posted by Key on 05:24 PM | Comments (3)

Sounds like you covered it... and no, I'm not going over there... my palms are getting sweaty just thinking about it. ;)

Posted by: pam at November 7, 2004 01:14 AM

Key - I just went and read about 1/2 the comments - those people are beyond reason. They are denser than Georgia Clay.

You are certainly braver than I am and you must have better blood pressure than me, because mine went up about 20 points after I read that crap!

Posted by: Beth at November 8, 2004 01:37 AM

Josting with windmills and beating your head against a stone wall must be fun for you.

Posted by: James Old Guy at November 8, 2004 02:30 PM
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