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December 06, 2004

Rant Hunt Finale!

So I learned a very important lesson from Mr. Helpful, and that is be careful what you ask for...

Within the comments of that post, I managed to spur Mr. Helpful into action, as he has since provided a rant to go with the title. Without further adieu, I give you...

Jesus God In Heaven, What The Fuck Is Wrong With The Left?
by Mr. Helpful

There is much talk about how traditional media outlets (newspapers, magazines and the Big Three Television Networks) are suffering from declining readership/viewership as former readers/viewers flock to "non-traditional" news sources such as the Internet, blogs and Fox News.

As a general rule, this talk is bolstered by "studies" which purport to demonstrate that this mass exodus is a result of people "only hearing what they want to hear" therefore not seeking out "alternate" points of view. I read a column by some hag columnist in which she harshly berated a reader who wrote in to tell her he wouldn't read her anymore because he now went to Fox News for his information. For the columnist, this was the perfect example of someone with a "closed mind" who wasn't willing to gather "other points of view". In the columnist's opinion, this is a very bad thing because "we all have an obligation to consider all points of view".

To which I respond...

"Jesus God In Heaven, What The Fuck Is Wrong With The Left?"

For liberals there is no "other point of view"....only theirs. The only time they consider "other points of view" is when they piss all over them. Of course we ALL do that, you know, piss on those things we dont agree with however it is the sole province of liberals everywhere to actually pretend they DON'T. Liberals love to present themselves as the arbiters of all that is fair when, in fact, they are the most one sided, sanctimonious, do as I say not as I do, judgmental fakers known to man. Nowhere has this been more apparent than the mainstream media over the past 50 years. Alas, it is being heartily demonstrated, on a daily basis, that the American people no longer buy into the lie. Hoorah!

In the spirit of considering "other points of view", I've been giving Randi Rhodes over on Air America a courtesy listen from time to time. After doing so, I have to ask "Jesus God In Heaven, What The Fuck Is Wrong With The Left?".

This woman isnt insane. She's not a nutjob. She is just plain fucking stupid. What makes her so is her insistence on taking herself so goddamn seriously. That and the fact that, based on photos I've seen, when God created Rhandi, he took what shoulda gone inside her skull and stuck it in her chest. The result is the personification of an idjit with giant hooters. And on the off chance God didn' t create Rhandi but, instead, she evolved from apes, someone really should trace her blood line and stick an "out of order" sign on it. Here are two of her recent "thoughts":

1. The current reason the "insurgents" in Iraq are bombing us over there is because we napalmed their women and children. Well, gee Rhandi, what was their motivation BEFORE we supposedly napalmed their women and children? Because, frankly, they've been bombing us for quite some time. And since when did they gain new found respect for women and children? Last I heard they treated their fucking goats better than their women, you sanctimonious cow. Beyond that, even as they're picking off the occasional Marine, their main target is THEIR OWN FUCKING PEOPLE, you fucking jackass. Turn on Fox News this morning, shit for brains, and see how some thirty IRAQIS were murdered by the insurgents over the weekend and tell me how napalm figures into THAT equation.

2. Dan Rather is resigning because he's tired of the never ending harassment by the Bush administration and their stooges in retaliation for Rather's breaking the Abu Gharib prison story on 60 minutes and Rather's constant harping on the Bush National Guard story. We're losing the best and the brightest in the media because of Bush. But of course, Rhandi. The senile old fool's resignation has nothing to do with his breathless complicity in running a story on Bush's National Guard service that was a complete and filthy lie. Nope. Nosirree. You know something Rhandi? You really ought to stick something, anything into that empty skull of yours because it's got to be pure hell having the wind whistle through your ears during a windstorm.

I could go on for hundreds of thousands of words and take up hours and hours of your time. Instead, I'll simply end with this. To the those on the left, one of their most important mantras is "respect for the minority point of view". By minority, I mean anyone with a point of view that is DIFFERENT than that of the majority. For the left, minority views are to be cast in gold, hoisted on a pedestal and worshipped above all others. How many times do we hear how, if you follow the majority then your behavior borders on that of being a fascist? How many times do we hear that the purpose of nearly all our checks and balances is to protect those not in the majority? To the left, majorityness is evil and minorityness is next to Godliness....er...SupremeBeingness...er...or something like that.

Unless, of course, the left happens to be in the majority for the moment, however fleeting that moment might be. THEN majorityness is "the will of the people". Nowhere is this incongruity more apparent than our presence in Iraq. Despite our coalition of willing partners, the USA is definitely holding the minority position on the wisdom of being in Iraq...at least according to the mainstream media. If you were to apply the mantra of the left when it comes to "minority/majority" matters, the USA should be celebrated for having the guts and the temerity to take a supposedly unpopular position on the liberation of Iraq. We should be cast in gold, hoisted on a pedestal and worshipped above all others for our willingness to be "different"...not toe the party line...not give in to the demands of the majority (that being world opinion).

Such is not the case. Instead, we are castigated, hoisted on a petard and roundly scorned for our presence in Iraq...by the very people who normally celebrate such individually independent actions.

To which I respond...."Jesus God In Heaven, What The Fuck Is Wrong With The Left?"

posted by Key on 12:11 PM | Comments (3)

Well, now I feel like writing a post called "Jesus God in Heaven, What the Fuck is Wrong with the Right" listing the creeds I have read repeatedly of "creationism should be taught instead of evolution", "torture is an acceptable method of gathering evidence", and "nuke them all and let God sort them out" that I have seen from the far right-wing. I should also list all the instances where I (as a MODERATE commenter, not a far left-wing moonbat) have been abused by both authors and commenters on several right-wing blogs.

It's easy to say "what the fuck is wrong with the left" when you refuse to see the worst of the right-wing.

To be blunt, I think both the right-wing and the left-wings are filled with idiots, and I'm getting really tired of their shit. "Fuck them all" is what I am saying now. They are all getting exactly what they deserve.

Yes, I'm tired of this bullshit, why do you ask?

Posted by: Jack at December 6, 2004 02:54 PM

See, I was TOTALLY in the mood for some passionate Jack abuse, thus the motivation for the topic!

Seriously, I do get the need for both sides to let off steam. It's just cathartic.

That's not to say that I don't appreciate your frustration. I mean, somebody's gotta play ref. ;)

Posted by: Key at December 6, 2004 04:27 PM

geez jack, who says i refuse to see the worst of the right wing? its just that the sins of the right wing wasnt the topic of my post.

the title of the post was just a throwaway line in one of my other posts...key picked up on it and offered space if i ever expanded it into a post which, as you can see, i did.

nothing more...nothing less

Posted by: mr. helpful at December 6, 2004 08:19 PM
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