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December 15, 2004

Conversation With Sister-In-Law

ME: Hi, guess you're calling to discusss the Christmas gathering. [dread]

SIL: Yeah, I've already talked with [so and so and so and so...]

ME: ...and I hear you're thinking this Saturday. [pleeeease say no]

SIL: That's it! This weekend works best since Christmas is the following Saturday. Have you finished your shopping?

ME: [Yeeahhh, can we talk about something else?] Haven't started!

SIL: [Perky] I'm almost finished!

ME: [May you wake up the fleas of a thousand monkeys.] Of course you are! So what are the plans.?

SIL: Saturday, 3:00.

ME: Okay, where?

SIL: Your house.

ME: [shit, shit, shit, shit, shit....] My house?! [damafrigincrap, she did host Thanksgiving.] Okay, no problem. Hey, thanks for letting me know! [smile!]


And let it be known that I love my perfect little non-aging size 5 sister-in-law.

But crap.

Yeah, yeah, Christmas spirit. It's coming. Give me a minute. (You guys really shouldn't expect your cards 'til New Year's anyway.)

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Nice to know they give you a couple of days notice anyway! You could have found out on Sat morning when someone called to ask what time everyone should be at your house *trust me, this happened to me one time*

Posted by: Michele at December 16, 2004 04:18 AM
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