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March 07, 2005

My Baby Lives

I've been worried about my youngest blog child, as he disappeared on me for a while there.

He is the black sheep a bit different, being a liberal and all, but he is thought provoking, debate worthy and needs some traffic. So, do Key a favah, and go visit my boy.

(And Jack, if you recall, this one's yours, so how 'bout pimpin' him a bit! I think he really is a chip off the 'ol block...)

posted by Key on 03:17 PM | Comments (2)

Yep, still alive--just a little sleepy after replacing a good chunk of my brain with Fun Facts About Differential Equations. The joys of life as a grad student...

Posted by: The Polite Liberal at March 7, 2005 11:21 PM

I came, I saw, I went. I won't be going back, either.

Posted by: Acidman at March 8, 2005 03:06 PM
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