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June 23, 2005


And so here I sit, in my tiled and open office, overlooking the small town square, dipping my Cioccolati Biscotti into my cold gas station decaf...


I hate days dedicated to collections. The irony: Banks and lending institutions. I dare you to default on them. Sixty days and they ruin your credit, another sixty and you've lost your home.

So WHO owes us somewhere in the neighborhood of ten grand (collectively)?

Yar! Banks and lending institutions. Big names. Names you well know. I assume that they figure they only have to pay for an appraisal when and if they close the loan.

NOT! We are in the service industry. They are in the risk industry. Our fee is three figs, theirs is four. We get paid regardless, they get paid if they close it.

Well, that's the theory. Makes sense, right? I think so. Somebunny splain it to them.

We do the happy dance if we get paid within 30 days. Typically, it is more in the neighborhood of 60 to 90 days...though in the "delinquent" file which sits before me, accounts are growing mold. (I'm still trying to get 04 closed out with a few lenders.)

Have us by the balls, they do.

Can't drop them. After all, we need the biz. And they do pay us for about two thirds of the work that we do...


Tomorrow I'm transferring to another department.

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Did you forget about me and the email address, I asked you for, Cat

Posted by: catfish at June 23, 2005 07:14 PM

I hear ya! I hate collections, too. Damn, that beer is sounding better and better isn't it..LOL

Posted by: Kelly at June 24, 2005 07:38 AM

What exactly do you do for a living?

Posted by: Nancy at June 25, 2005 02:02 PM

We run a two man office. My husband is a real estate appraiser, heading up the production department. I am all of the other departments.

Posted by: Key at June 26, 2005 04:51 PM

I spend 2 to 3 hours a week on collections - not very productive! You'd think if you gave customers (30) days from invoice date, after I have paid for materials, labor & delivey, they'd be able to pay me! A week or two over - no big deal to them. Big deal to me since I pay my invoices ON TIME!


Thanks for letting me rant!

Posted by: BALEY at June 27, 2005 12:45 PM
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