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August 30, 2005

It's Not Always About Being Right

Character is a gift from tough loving parents. Meanwhile, the gift of gab is no gift at all... more like a curse in my experience.

The abilities to exercise tact, proper timing, boundaries, etiquette, even common courtesy and common sense are not exactly natural instincts.

And so parenting is a constant exercise in patience.

Two children decide to pour themselves some milk. The gallon jug is quite full, very heavy, and the scrawny little kiddie arms struggle to hold it against the glass, which the other child holds.

During the doomed process, the jug hits the floor, and this happens about the time mom walks into the room.

Fingers are pointed(!!), as milk flows freely onto the floor.

"She was supposed to be..."
"He bumped my..."
"I told her to..."

Milk continues to pour, as the accusing becomes ludicrous, even to the pets, who have already begun to take advantage of the situation. Steam streams evenly from mom's ears as she lifts the nearly empty jug from the floor and places it on the counter.

As this relates to big people world? Well, I admit, I haven't been up on my blog-reading recently (forgive me!), and so, I'm not sure which ones my debate buddy refers to as having already begun the finger pointing on the topic of storm readiness and partisan policies, and I won't be digging for that dirt. But nor can I debate mon ami on this one.

Yes, I understand the frustation.

But there are healthy and unhealthy ways to deal. Biased though we are, I think most of us agree that before we continue on with our neverending policy debates, we have a job to do that requires immediate attention:

We have to clean up the milk.

Obviously, we can't all take a wet vac to Nola, but we can stand united in thoughts, prayers and/or contribution.

As much as I like to pick on the Dems, I'll admit that I have accidentally befriended a few! Since 911, I have felt confident that the most beautiful thing that we are capable of doing as a country is rolling up our sleeves together.

Personally, I have seen a very positive response.

Sure, the children will point fingers and the animals will loot, but the adults will get the job done.

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Amen sister..and I got my shop vac ready just in case!

Posted by: Kelly at August 31, 2005 05:29 AM

For the next few weeks, absolutely. We need to get those folks out of the water and into safe housing.

Eventually, though, it'll behoove us to look back and figure out what went wrong. People have been worrying about just this disaster for years--and whether it's state Democrats, national Republicans, or a good healthy mix of both who screwed up, we need to fix the problems.

Just speaking as a guy with a state capitol on a river delta protected by levees, if nothing else.

Posted by: The Polite Liberal at September 1, 2005 03:45 PM
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