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September 11, 2005


I used to be a girl. In high school, football meant partay, and nothing more. Even the friggin cheerleaders had to be prompted, so that they weren't chanting "push em back," even as their own team advanced into the red zone.

Now, I am a born again Dawg, cussing the bullshit calls and high-fiving the sweet plays with the buds behind me, whom I just met.

As alumni, we are on the "point" system for tickets. Each point is a dollar, and you must have 20,000 or so to get decent seats. Heh, so maybe my grandchildren will have premo seats.

Meaning... One year later, and I am STILL on row fucking four!

But I am there with 97,000 of my best friends, bonded by a common passion, aware of the additional security, and hoping the terrorists haven't done the math. And yet, grateful that it draws a full house, and that four years later, we are ever mindful, but not compromised.

And so, rather than heavy reflections, my question of the day is as follows: 4th and 1, and you're in a position to go for it. Rushing play the obvious, but you call a time out. Might be changing the play. Right?

They dunno now. So, you come back out, and you run the yard, right?? Right? Or maybe go for an ittybiddy toss? (I love 'em, but that was a helluva time to go long!)

Yes, I know. Don't be sore winner. I'm koo. Especially when, after the game, South Carolina tossed themselves a pity party grave-side service, complete with a sorrowful rendition (courtesy their own band) of Amazing Grace as the Cock fans made a slow exit.

Oooh, how sweet the sound. Heh. (Ok, I almost felt guilty for taking pleasure in that.)

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"I used to be a girl." yeah, well... I'm the older daughter of a man with no sons... so I got the best of both worlds... Mom taught me how to cook; Dad taught me all about football and cars. While I am quite the female (and clean up pretty darn well, or so I've been told), I'm pretty sure I lost my "chick" card a long, long time ago.

In fact, I was the team mom for my kids' football team because that was the only way I could get on the field. :-D

Posted by: Beth at September 12, 2005 12:32 AM

reformed here too, gurl...i bet you didn't see my longhorns beat the buckeye's saturday night...it was a heartstopper...we numba two this year!! oh yeah.. football, good times...

Posted by: shoe at September 12, 2005 08:05 AM
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