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June 01, 2004

Just Making Sure the Kid Gets It

...as in understands.

We were driving by the courthouse yesterday, and seeing our local World War II monument with an array of flags lining the small hill in front of it, reminded me that I hadn't discussed Memorial Day with Miss Priss.

"Do you know what today is, Sweetheart?" I asked her.

"Monday," she answered matter-of-factly.

Alright, no points either way on that one. She gave me a simple answer, likely assuming I was being a scatterbrain and had forgotten what day of the week it was.

"It's Memorial Day. Do you know why we celebrate Memorial Day?" I didn't expect her to remember. It had been a while - perhaps a year - since we had discussed it.

"For the soldiers," she replied.

She remembered. I was impressed. "And do you remember why they fought for us?"

"Freedom!" she said enthusiastically.

"That's right sweetie. And do you understand what freedom means?"

"Yup," she said as confidently as a kid answering a rehearsed question, "it means you can do anything you want except pee in the shower."

She got me. History lesson over. I was laughing too hard to continue.

Hey, two outta three ain't bad.

posted by Key on 10:24 PM | Comments (9)

What's wrong with peeing in the shower?

Posted by: Acidman at June 2, 2004 12:08 AM

It means you can pee in the shower as well, or on yourself, or each other provided it is done with mutual consent, and coercion is not involved.
Freedom isnt always supposed to be pretty; it can be messy and at times ugly if it does not conform to what you would rather see...but it is supposed to be real....a true expression of what we are in all of it's forms. It requires discipline above all else, tho, which sounds contrary to those who do not understand it.


Posted by: werbinox at June 2, 2004 01:23 AM

Actually, the lesson did continue...but I managed to leave the whole golden shower thing out of it. ; )

Posted by: Key at June 2, 2004 08:50 PM

Perhaps if we had more troops in Iraq, she could pee in the shower, too. :)

Posted by: Michael at June 4, 2004 02:51 AM

You're wrong. Memorial Day is still April 26th in Florida and Georgia. There are no national holidays in the United States of America. There are 3-day weekends for federal employees but no one else has to, or should, take any notice of them whatsoever.

Posted by: Justthisguy at June 8, 2004 10:12 AM

Yeah, you don't HAVE to open doors for little old ladies either...

Posted by: Key at June 8, 2004 05:41 PM

Yer right. However, I DO open doors for little old ladies, and I DO celebrate Independence Day, and Armistice Day, and Washington's Birthday (There's no such thing as presidents' day), and yes, Memorial Day, which falls on April 26th in my State and yours.

Posted by: Justthisguy at June 8, 2004 10:53 PM

Ahh, I see. So you're just the "by the book" type.

I have trouble identifying with your kind, which sucks, because my daughter is one of you...

Posted by: Key at June 9, 2004 08:43 PM

Life is too short not to pee in the shower.
I didn't pee in the shower until I was maybe 45. Just never occurred to me. A friend mentioned it and now I save up to do it with that hot water on my back. Delicious.
I have a theory about the giant trees you see next to old homesites. So I pee outside most of the time. My oaks love me.

Posted by: AHole at August 7, 2005 10:34 AM
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