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September 01, 2004

A Swift Response Would Have Done Wonders

I was watching the children play at the playground the other day.... It's so nice when they use their energy productively, laughing, playing, basically getting along.

In this case that lasted maybe five minutes.

Then my four-year came running up to me with the most pitiful expression on his face as he cried, "See that little boy over there? See him? He said I was mean!"

"He did?" I faked the shock well, "Why would he say such a thing?"

No answer. (Sniffle, sniffle.)

"Honey, did you do something mean?"

...silence, then defiance, "But he shouldn't have said that!"

Mmmmhmmm, yeah. In this case, the little guy has about ten seconds to come clean and show some sign of remorse before he lands himself in time out.

Of course, at this age, personal responsibility is not a priority. I am, however, of the opinion that it should become a priority sometime over the next fourteen years of his life.

If it doesn't, he will never become a man, not by my definition anyway.

Now as this applies to current events, first let me say that I'm not advocating that John Kerry comply with the four-part demand of the Swift Boat Veterans in its entirety. In fact, I think that in particular, the Purple Heart issue should be left alone. (Anger aside, we should be above tastelessness.)

John Kerry is better off to let them run their ads, countering them simply with a show of personal responsibility. The truth would be a great start, followed by how he felt then vs. how he feels now. The avoidance is all very suspect.

This is particularly true given the "sellout" ad. This one features POWs, who after years of torture refused to say such things - as Kerry is quoted as having said - against their country.

In an interview this morning with Fox news, Geraldine Ferraro said, "Well, John Kerry isn't the only one who came back saying these things."

While weak, I don't need to research that; it's probably true. But, guess what Gerry? THE OTHER GUYS AREN'T RUNNING FOR PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES!

John Kerry, you're not getting off the hook any easier than the four year old. If you want me to feel sorry for you because those guys are saying horrible things about you, then you need to first address the accusations.

Call me crazy, but I want my President to have more personal responsibility than the average Joe, not less.

posted by Key on 05:04 PM | Comments (2)

Well said. I am so sick of his spinning, whining, they're out to get me attitude, I could just about puke.

In addition to more personal responsibility...a little integrity would be nice.

Posted by: Sam at September 1, 2004 05:37 PM

Ask Recondo 32 what he thinks about John Kerry. But step back when you do, or be prepared to be covered in spittle.

He will RANT on that subject.

Posted by: Acidman at September 2, 2004 03:10 AM
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