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September 22, 2004

WE like the taste of blood?

Mainstream media has deemed bloggers worthy of recognition, thanks to Memogate, and they have many pseudo-flattering things to say.

I don't even feel the urge to read the articles. Here are some headlines and excerpts from today's top blogger-related stories:

US: How the bloggers cut CBS and Rather down to size
Asia Pacific Media Network - 3 hours ago
"... W. Bush's National Guard service during the Vietnam war was a watershed moment, brought on by a small army of internet-based commentators, known as bloggers. ... "

Bloggers keep eye on the news
USA Today, United States - 17 hours ago

From geek to chic: Blogs gain influence Minneapolis Star Tribune

Bloggers draw blood as CBS forced to apologise New Zealand Herald

Bloggers' win against CBS isn'ta revolution
Austin American-Statesman, TX - 13 hours ago
"... Bloggers cheered that the new-media David had slain the old-media Goliath. ... Now right-wing bloggers have tasted blood — and they like it. ... "

Notice the flattery is mostly back-handed from our domestic media friends, while the international variety leaves no regrettable aftertaste.

So bloggers are a bunch of overly opinionated blood-sucking vampires feeding upon those who would proclaim to know WTF they're talking about, but usually don't.

I can handle that.

(Of course, if that were true in its entirety, we'd all be fat as ticks by nightfall.)

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I am an overly-opinionated, beer-sucking Cracker and I'm proud of that fact. I don't own a pair of pajamas---I often blog nekkid. It's MY blog, MY bandwidth and I can do whatever I want with it.

If Mainstream Media can't take a joke, fuck 'em.

Posted by: Acidman at September 23, 2004 01:39 AM

I always thought those female vampires in those old movies were sexy as hell. So A-man blogs naked, imagine my surprise.

Posted by: James Old Guy at September 23, 2004 07:14 PM

Fresh Blood...yummy.

Posted by: Sam at September 23, 2004 11:44 PM

Of COURSE I love the smell of fresh blood in the morning!

The "mainstream media" has been heading for a big-time fall for the last fifty years - ever since they forgot the meaning of the word "objective".

Unless and until they remember what it means, they will continue to regarded as slightly less trustworthy than most lawyers.

Posted by: Ward Gerlach at September 25, 2004 02:35 PM

So true. Dan Blather and his big media friends brought this on themselves... Until they start asking everyone the hard questions and reporting the news, instead of trying to set the agenda, we little insignificant bloggers will continue to be their arm-chair editors...

Posted by: Dennis at September 29, 2004 04:17 PM

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