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November 01, 2004

Thyre Be Monsters...

Many little creatures rang my doorbell tonight. They were costumed as pirates, and vampires, and faeries, and daemons. Princesses and bumblebees were in evidence. They were excited, and filled with faux-dread. Most of them don't believe in monsters, of course.

The troubling thing is, there really are monsters out there. Bogeymen, brigands, and cutthroats. It's sad to see these youngsters, and realize in a few short years that realization will hit them.

But in the meantime, it's kinda nice to just hand out the jelly beans and jujubes, and let them have their little Devil's Night.

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More candy for me.

Posted by: Geoffrey at November 1, 2004 01:34 AM

Same here, no kids knocking on the door; but I live in the boonies, so didn't really expect any. But I still get the good stuff, and then have to eat it between halloween and thanksgiving.

Posted by: Michele at November 1, 2004 09:55 AM

...slow night. I left a caldron of candy on the front porch before we went out, and no greedy little boogers looted it - still there when I got home. Now that's spooky.

Posted by: Key at November 1, 2004 06:29 PM


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