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March 02, 2005

Short Answer

...because the long answer to the "why blog?" question is simply unknown.

Although a couple of my posts of late have poked fun at the freakish aspects of blogging, I do have at least one reason for it (other than the obvious, which is an enjoyment of writing). It's a very controlled, yet lazy, means of socializing. Christina listed a few obvious cons. Consider these pros:

1) Surfing the roll allows one to enjoy other people's company discriminately without being obvious. They're boring, click. Gone. Next. They're intriguing, stalk for hours. It's like having a people remote.

2) The party meets on my watch, and no one knows if I bothered to fix my hair or shave my legs.

3) Within my forum, I hold a captive audience, meaning I have the floor whenever and for as long as I want! You can tell me to shut the hell up in my comments, but a) You can't interrupt me to tell me that, and b) I don't have to listen.

Okay, so the answer could have been shorter. I could have just said, "passive-aggressive attention seeking," but that description seemed almost childish.

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Almost from the beginning for me, YOU have been one of the major positives of blogging, right along with Jack and Eric.


Posted by: Christina at March 2, 2005 11:07 PM
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