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July 21, 2005

Somebody Hurt A Furbaby

Some jackass threw someone else's pet off of a roof.

$5000 in vet bills later, Wampi is making a slow recovery. Who would go into that kind of debt to save a cat?

I would.

My cat has been a member of the family for ten years. She is the most loving companion, and I will be broken-hearted when she goes. I will be homicidal if anyone intervenes to speed up the process.

Next paycheck - as given my weekend plans, this one is spent and then some - Wampi gets a contribution from me. I hope a few of you guys will feel the urge to lend a hand as well.

Source: GOC

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You realize of course that this will not win you any kudos from Acidman, despite your feminine charms...

Of course you do.

So, there it is.

Posted by: Jack at July 21, 2005 03:15 PM
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