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April 29, 2006

Loving Those From Other Lands

And offering equality and justice for all.

Tis beautiful, and many a friend I have had from other lands. They are currently feeling the fool, though, I'm sure, for their trouble. You know, getting a visa, learning the language... Apparently that is the more tedious option.

Many have found that it is far easier to cross the line, plant a biological seed, and demand not only amnesty, but a nationwide incorporation of a language that is not our own.

I can handle "pressing one" for English, I can handle hearing the Wal-Mart specials in English and in Spanish, but my God, is nothing sacred?

Of course I am aware that Spanish versions of the National Anthem have been floating around in small doses for a while now, so why is it that this latest version by Adam Kidron has "sparked controversy" as the media so poetically puts it?

I heard it this morning on Fox news. And I'll tell ya, hearing about it is not quite the same as hearing it. Debate. Justify. Play devil's advocate. Second guess the nausea as you wonder if you are supposed to accept what you are hearing.

How did that happen? How have we been led to believe for a minute that we are supposed to accept something so blatantly offensive? This is The Star-Spangled Banner, not only translated into Spanish, but also modified. Altered lyrics!

Just a little, though... In the name of solidarity! Of course. What else would we compromise our heritage in the name of?

Well, let's debate. Americans are debating. How nice.

There is a reason others are drawn to us. There is a reason we are strong. There is a reason we are proud, and there is a reason we are envied. All of that disappears as we slowly, robotically accept that compromising our most prized American institutions is the "right" thing to do.

Let's debate whether or not to interfere with the basic supply and demand structure as it pertains to the price of oil. Meanwhile, let us be outraged that someone is fucking with our National Anthem.

Concession: Yes, I know and appreciate the Presidential response to the "debate." And, admittedly, I preach to the choir here. As it should be. If you haven't written a post on this, don't let the fact that "it's been done" stop you. Our voices are heard.

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Mexicans, and other nationalities want to remain citizens of their home
countries while obtaining the benefits offered by the United States such
as employment, medical care, in-state tuition, government subsidized
housing and free education for their offspring. Their main attraction is
employment and their loyalty usually remains at home. They want benefits
earned and subsidized by middle class Americans.
What illegal aliens want are benefits of American residence without
paying the price.

Posted by: vk at April 30, 2006 06:32 PM

Fuck a bunch of Mexicans...I'm going to spend some money tomorrow!!!

And then...I'll get into the press "1" for whatever.

I can go on and on!!!

Posted by: Yabu at April 30, 2006 11:32 PM

There ain't but one National Anthem, and we sing that sumbitch in english... period. It ain't Spanish, or Mexican, hell, sing theirs if you want to. It's a free country, but don't be fuckin' with ours... It's worked as long as it has, and it ain't broke. It don't need fixin' or adjusted to accomadate Americans from other lands. If you're American, then it's your damned anthem.

By the way, Happy Mothers Day ... slacker. ;)

Posted by: RedNeck at May 14, 2006 05:20 PM

... post, dammit...

Posted by: Eric at May 22, 2006 11:32 AM

Just a question . . .

Is freedom "conditioned" by professing allegiance to the state, or by professing allegiance to one's state OF freedom?

The purpose of the American Constitution as originally understood, was to minimize the effect of the state and maximize the freedom of the individual. Since all of us are immigrants or the children of immigrants, the argument in question has more to do with the Democrats and yes (horror of horrors!) Republicans, who support the redistribution of wealth--in welfare, housing, military spending--you name it--they will tax us and spend how they wish.

If one were to back up and appreciate the irony of the moment--that those who come here wish to sing OUR anthem in THEIR native language--that is a pretty high compliment, as I see things. That's what we did, too. Beyond that, every Mexican/Hispanic/Illegal I have known or met, busts twice the butt most Americans do on the job. They WORK--which is not something most Americans are comfortable with in any degree.

Republicans and Democrats are way out of their league on this one . . . freedom does not require the permission of a politician to do a damn thing.

And if you do not understand that, you do not understand why we ourselves broke away from England.

Nuff said.


Posted by: jb at June 26, 2006 01:33 AM
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