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February 01, 2005

Smells Like Velocispam

From the Inbox:

bulky commonness netted monkish delicacy crinkle chromic

I like it. Finally, spam that makes sense. Shame there's no link, no clue what's being sold here, or where to sign up for it. But I've ruled it out as fan mail.

(Velociman, are you moonlighting as a spammer named "Leta"?)

Update: Acidman likes the taste of the Velocispam. He has created a delicious recipe for these special terms.

posted by Key on 01:12 PM | Comments (4)
ยป Mamamontezz's Mental Rumpus Room links with: I love a Challenge

It looked like a challenge to me. I LOVE a challenge.

Posted by: Acidman at February 1, 2005 04:20 PM

EVERYTHING is a challenge to you! Hey, at least I threw YOU a link. Not that I didn't get one for bustin up a meeting or anything. ; )

Posted by: Key at February 1, 2005 04:32 PM

Not my spam. No pr0n, for one thing. I like the idea of being "Leta", though. Get to wear my frilly things??

Posted by: Velociman at February 1, 2005 07:09 PM

Have you been out to Spamusement.com yet? It's one-panel cartoons based on subject lines from real spam. Loads of fun!

Posted by: zonker at February 2, 2005 08:18 PM
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